Creative Support Raising Suggestion #1

I’m at almost 45% of my monthly support needs and while I am seeing some positive movement, the last $5000 dollars a month seems rather daunting.  But luckily for me, I know a lot of creative people.  And although the ideas may not always be practical or in some cases legal, it’s nice to be able to explore my options.  So please know that I am open to suggestions but do not be offended if I don’t actually add it to my official support raising strategy.

Creative Support Raising Suggestion #1: Banana Smuggling


Bananas are really expensive in Perth.  $17 per kilo, which is almost $8 a pound.  Getting into the banana smuggling business could potentially be quite lucrative.  And metal detectors don’t detect bananas.

This suggestion gets a 9 for creativity and a 7 for potential profitability but ultimately will not be put into place because I am not ready to get into the grocery business which seems like the most obvious way around the legal issues.

3 thoughts on “Creative Support Raising Suggestion #1

  1. Always love your up beat ideas! Your on your way in God’s timeframe. Hope you are feeling much better. I went for my first walk since my knee surgery. It was Great to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty that god has made for us. I am on my way up again. Thank you Lord!

  2. Loved your sense of humor regarding Michael’s banana smuggling scheme. I am Randy’s sister and I’m sorry we didn’t meet but I really enjoyed your presentation. I wish I would have had your sense of adventure at your age. I’ve always played it safe, Along time ago I read much on the aborigines and have seen documentaries and have been interested in their struggles to be accepted in their own land as the Indians have in ours. I have checked my budget and plan to add you to my MTW monthly support. I already am a supporter for Lindsey and Drew Wilkins, Julie’s daughter thru MTW. I pray you will meet your goal soon so that you can continue your missions’ work. God bless.

  3. Banana smuggling will get you into more trouble than anything else. Western Australia is so isolated that many food pests are unknown here and we have extremely tough quarantine laws. You CANNOT take fruit or vegetables into the state. There are little sniffer beagles wearing jackets who will detect your bananas in a flash. Besides which, all your effort would be for very little. Bananas were only expensive for a short time in the summer of 2011/12 because of cyclones throughout the north of Australia affecting banana growing regions. They currently only cost a few dollars per kilo.

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