My Chauffeur

I’ve been making the drive from Sacramento to Santa Barbara since college.  It doesn’t even seem that long anymore, just a mere 7 hours.  I have my routine, my talk radio as well as the necessary gas and In N Out break.

Today I will be making this drive once again but this time I will have my own chauffeur.  Fatigue is one of the major symptoms of mono which means that a 7 hour drive by myself (even though I am feeling much better) is probably not the best idea.  So my dad volunteered to drive me down and then fly back up to Sacramento.

I’m thankful for my thoughtful dad.  And I’m sure everyone else on the freeway today is thankful as well.

One thought on “My Chauffeur

  1. So sorry to her you have Mono! Where have I been? I don’t remember you saying that! I must not be too smart. My son’s had that and it takes a long time to get over it. I sure hope you get over it soon. Glad your Dad is driving down with you. Yes, you are blessed with a wonderful Dad who loves you very much. That is a special gift from himto you. Enjoy your time together! Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

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