Book Review: The Culturally Savvy Christian

The Culturally Savvy Christian by Dick Staub is “a manifesto for deepening faith and enriching popular culture in an age of Christianity-lite.”  It is about understanding the culture around us without being negatively influenced or impacted by the same culture.  Staub encourages artists and other creatives to seek a deeper relationship with God, living in His transforming presence and only through this being able to come alongside and impact culture for Christ.  But this book is not just for artists.  It is for anyone who is frustrated with the the christian church extremes, either cutting ourselves off from the world or conforming completely.  It is for anyone who wants to know how to encourage artists and other creatives in the church.  It is for anyone who believes that we serve a creative God and that He created us as creative beings, in His image.


The part of this book that really resonated with me is the idea of language being important.  We all know that language is not just limited to verbal communication.  Staub explains that we live in this world as ambassadors for Christ and in this way we need to be able to speak the language of the people around us.  Visual art, music or anything else creative can be an important means of this communication.  But Staub also emphasizes that the ultimate end is to glorify God.  Staub is practical and insightful while maintaining a clear Christ-centered focus.

The Culturally Savvy Christian is definitely worth reading, discussing and seeking to implement into today’s church life.  If nothing else is achieved, my hope is that the reader would come away understanding their need for and desiring a deeper understanding of scriptures and intimate knowledge of God.



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