Mononucleosis aka Mono

Say, “ahhhhhhhhh”  Because I know you all wanted to see what an infected, painful throat looks like.  Too bad my camera and my self portrait skills aren’t better equipped to show you the white spots and swollen everything else.  Or maybe not too bad because some things are better kept to yourself.


So the good news is that despite the white spots and other symptoms, it is not strep throat.  But the bad news is that mono isn’t a better diagnosis.  Strep throat is nasty but nothing antibiotics can’t fix.  Mono on the other hand has no magic pills, my body just needs rest and time.  Lucky me.  I don’t sit still very well and so this recovery thing is going to take a lot of will power.  I’m also disappointed because August was suppose to be filled with friends, fun, weddings and travel.  Instead I will be resting, hoping and praying that this is just a two week instead of a two month ordeal.  Please pray for health.  Please pray for strength.  Please pray for direction and wisdom because I still have a job to do.  But most of all please pray for the grace to listen to and accept whatever God is teaching me during this time of forced stillness.

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