A Northwest Roadtrip

Yesterday began my 12 day northwest trip and over 2000 miles of driving.  3 states, 2 countries and my first time in Canada.  7 different places to lay my head and meetings with friends both old and new.  Churches in multiple cities and a visit to the Yakama nation.  With all this ahead of me, I think I am most excited about seeing friends who I served with in Papua New Guinea.  Oregon and Washington may seem like far to drive but it is a lot closer than Papua New Guinea.

Publication1Please pray for me.  Pray for safety on the road.  I am driving alone but I have the company of books on CD.  Pray for the meetings with current and potential supporters.  My goal is 50% by the end of this month and if hearts are open to investing in the work in Australia this trip can help be a part of that.  Please pray for fruit from the meetings especially with churches.  I want to lay a strong foundation for future relationships.  Pray for bold words and a passion that is visible and contagious.  Thanks for using your prayers to be with me on this journey.

3 thoughts on “A Northwest Roadtrip

  1. Joy, we were just in Yakima. Are you visiting the Granberrys? They are missionaries to the Yakima people. We are in WA until the end of the month. Enjoy the beauty and the fellowship.

  2. Joy, do you have an itinery of your trip?
    We have a lot of friends in the PNW, and if your time isn’t already filled, we’d love to introduce you to them 🙂

  3. Our prayers are with you Joy!! I pray for you every day! If we can not give you money for your wonderful journey then we want to pray for your journey and your safety thru God and for you to be able to reach your destination and to be able to help those who so needs Gods words and wisdom..You are truly a gift from God for these people..we wish you all the good things in life to to be able to do what God has planned for you!!!

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