Hiking in Big Sur: A Metaphor for Support Raising

IMG_9633The mountains rising up out of the ocean makes a striking contrast.  It’s beautiful and daunting.  When we arrived I was enamored with my surroundings and although I knew the hiking would be hard, I didn’t realize how hard.  Before beginning our ascent we prayed and then up into the mountains we climbed.  Leaving the parking lot and road behind.  Everyone was excited to finally be on the trail and we pushed ourselves a little too fast, a little too soon.  We had no idea how many hills and valleys we would end up climbing through.  The trail map only showed us so much.

IMG_9664One foot in front of the other.  Each step a step closer to the goal.  There were places to take breaks along the way.  Stopping for water and snacks.  Removing the burden of our packs for awhile helped but then eventually we had to take them up again.  We needed to keep moving.  We couldn’t have done it without the continual encouragement and support from each other.  The right equipment made a huge difference but it was still a challenge.  Finally we made it to the top of the last hill.  The camp was in sight.  It was all downhill from here but even the downhill was hard.  The strain from the miles before had built up and stayed.  There were obstacles on the trail too.  Fallen trees and branches.  Sometimes you had to climb over them, sometimes you had to slide under them.  By the end my legs were shaking and walking was fine but large steps up felt impossible.

IMG_9670And then we arrived.  The sense of accomplishment was palpable.  The strain and effort totally worth it.  We were surrounded by nature.  We were in a place that could not have reached any other way.

While I have reached the end of my hiking journey in Big Sur, I am currently still on the up hill climb for support raising.  39% is something to be excited about but there is still a lot of climbing left to do.  Please pray with me for more supporters to come alongside me and make this climb with me.  Will you be a part of helping me get up the mountain?  Feel free to email me and ask me any questions you might have or just click on the support raising link to be connected to MTWs online giving site.  Thank YOU!

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