Surfing in Australia

Any surfers out there!?  Come on over to Australia!


  • Surfing was introduced to Australia in the early twentieth century from Hawaii.
  • More than 1 in 10 Australians are surfers.
  • Jeff Rowley made Australian history by being the first Australian to paddle into a 50-foot plus wave at Jaws Peahi, Hawaii.
  • Australia has 3 of the world’s deadliest waves.
  • Surfing is a popular national pastime.
  • In 1933 Elston, Queensland took a bet on this national pastime and changed their name to Surfer’s Paradise.  This successful name change allowed them to grow from a sleepy seaside hamlet to a booming beachside getaway.  And evidently the surfing isn’t too bad either.

One thought on “Surfing in Australia

  1. Wow, Wow, what a thing to see!!i, we, love the ocean! Loved watching in HI. Hope you and the family are doing Great…….

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