5 Years Ago

5 years ago I was 23.  I was preparing to leave for Papua New Guinea and I began this blog!  Wordpress sent me an anniversary reminder that I signed up 5 years ago, yesterday.  However I didn’t make my first post until August when I was ready and leaving for PNG.  At that point I had no idea what the future had in store for me.  I guess I still don’t know about the future but I now have the luxury of being able to look back at the past.

5 years ago I was fresh out of college.  I knew essentially nothing about PNG and I had a very idealistic view of what life and ministry would be like once I arrived.  My idealism was quickly shattered but the space that was left wasn’t empty for long.  That void was soon filled with cultural and relational knowledge continues to be invaluable.  I also began to learn things about myself that I never would have otherwise explored.

5 years ago I began fully living on support.  At that time I didn’t fully appreciate the financial sacrifices people made to make my work possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful but I didn’t really understand the extent of the relationships and prayer support that made my work in PNG possible.  I now am filled with appreciation and thanksgiving on a daily basis.

5 years ago I was at a place of transition, stepping out into a completely different world.  And now i’m once again at a place of transition and it is amazing to see how much has changed for the better.  I am new in many ways, I have grown, I have been stretched and I am still smiling.  I am once again stepping out into a completely different world but praise the Lord that I have had 5 more years of preparation.

2 thoughts on “5 Years Ago

  1. You are in God’s hands and I know he has Great plans for you and I know you will do GREAT. He and We all believe in you. God Bless

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