My Kangaroo Collection

We are all collectors.  Look around your home.  What is your collection?  Or collections as the case may be for most Americans.  Your collection could be anything from rocks or books or coins or shoes.  It could be the ubiquitous stamp collection or those dessert storm trading cards which you are still hoping will someday gain value.  Some people collect Coca-cola memorabilia or everything Elvis.  Paintings from a specific artist or stuffed animals.  Anything pink or associated with cows.  The list could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

For me, I have had the doll collection, the stuffed animals and coins.  I have collected many things over the years and those who knew me in highschool can tell you that my room reflected these collections.  Some of my collections wallpapered my room, literally.  Over the years my parents moved and I lived in a few different countries as well as went to college.  So my collections have been packed, repacked, given away, reorganized and whittled down to just a few boxes.  Recently I started the process of going through boxes again and I unearthed some treasures.  In addition to my favorite dolls, a few stuffed animals loves and my Laura Ingalls Wilder book collection, three other collections survived.  Frogs, Hot Air Balloons and Kangaroos.



Here is my happy Kangaroo family.  In a effort to purge a bit more, I have recently gotten rid of some excessive frogs, hot air balloons and kangaroos.  So this happy kangaroo family is now missing a few of its members.  But I thought it was interesting that somehow I have had kangaroos on my mind for a long time.  Of course my relationship with kangaroos has changed from the picture of a happy Disney character to a wild animal that tastes good and is fun to see along the road.  I don’t really remember why I chose to obsess over kangaroos but I remember liking the idea that they were something unique and different.  A little bit of Australia already in my heart.

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