A Thank You Candy Gram

Today I attended a widow’s lunch and was able to share about my work and vision for Australia.  These ladies are very sweet and definite prayer warriors.  As a thank you I received this Candy Gram made by one of the ladies who has known me for many many years.  It was very fun to bring this home along with two “You’re Special” balloons.  There is no doubt that I feel special today.

IMG_9468The Candy Gram says:  From all the Hot Tamales, SweetTarts and Chunky gals in Widow’s Ministry.  We know you will be on a RockyRoad for a time but you will bring lots of Snickers!  Are you going to the MilkyWay or Australia?  Aren’t they equal distance?  BabyRuth said there are a lot of BigHunks there but we hope for Mr. Goodbar for you.  We will pray for you and your mission Good and Plenty because you Skor high in our hearts.  With Mounds of love from the FOPC Widows.


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