A history that pulls on your heart strings.

So let me begin this by making a request for some more uplifting Australian stories.  Movie or book recommendations are welcome but let’s try for a few that can’t be put in the depressing or sad category.  And I feel a bit conflicted in making that request because although I do tend to enjoy more positive, feel good stories, I realize that we live in a world that isn’t always cheerful.  We can’t always look through rose-colored glasses.  There is pain and there is suffering.  And our own lives, as well as the countries that we live in all have a mixed past.  There are terrible stories of  injustices and beautiful stories of triumph but in the end they weave together to create the foundation on which we build our lives.

With that said here are the culprits that are causing me to make the request for more uplifting viewing and reading material:

1. The Rabbit Proof Fence.  This movie is about the stolen generation of aboriginal children, specifically how a couple little girls are taken away from their families multiple times but continue to escape and make the long journey home.  I watched this movie back in August and although it made me cry, I was cheering for the girls to make it home to stay.

2. The Thorn Birds.  This book talks about how hard life in the Australian outback actually can be.  Australia’s climate is harsh and unforgiving in many ways.  The family written about in this book experience a life with very little except for heartache.

3. A Cry in the Dark.  I probably should not have watched this movie alone but it is the story of the family whose daughter was taken away and killed by a dingo.  The mother was accused of murder and was convicted, spending time in jail before she was eventually pardoned.  She and her husband fought for about 8 years to get themselves cleared of all charges by the courts.  However, the reversal of the earlier conviction could not erase the years of damage.

Australia has a history that pulls on your heart strings.  I do not enjoy reading about it or watching the movies that tell the sad stories but I realize that these stories are going to help me to understand the people and culture better.  It’s not the place where I want to stay but it is a place to begin.

3 thoughts on “A history that pulls on your heart strings.

  1. Have you read some of Nevil Shute’s more cheerful novels? He’s most famous for On The Beach, set in Australia but definitely not his most cheerful book. But A Far Country and A Town Like Alice are both good stories which portray the Australia of the 1950’s. Shute was an immigrant to Australia from the British Isles, and he really loved Australia.

  2. I know what you mean Joy… we do need uplifting!! Yes, we know the world has many sad stories, but it’s good to hear the others also xo
    LOve & Prayers & God’s Blessings xo Lois & Bill xo xo

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