Cleaning Out My Notebook


A little pad of paper in my purse.  It’s not very big, doesn’t seem very important but it comes in very handy.  I was ripping out old pages today and found quite a few memory gems.  It seems this book has done some traveling.  Here are some of the places it has been.

Walagu Village:  I used it to write down some songs in church one day.  “Helefealu eweda…”  And a final to-do list which included fluency recording and other things that didn’t end up happening.

California:  Lots of shopping lists and most of them include butter.  And a recipe for spiced wine.  Yum.

South Asia and Europe:  A couple of addresses and directions.  Even a money list that includes rupees and Euros.

Port Moresby:  A phone number for the driver if he didn’t show up to get me from the airport.

Cairns:  Email and phone number for the family I stayed with.

Ukarumpa:  Notes about language and literacy presentations.

Papua New Guinea:  I’m not sure where I wrote this but I have notes for how to repair a lawn mower.  All the checks that I should do, etc.  I’m still no lawn mower expert but these easy tips sure helped in the village.

Texas:  Directions and an address to a house in Longview where we stayed the night after an unfortunate encounter with “driftwood”.

And the notes that I find most interesting is a list of options that I made before I left PNG.  Notice that on this day, I was actually considering Perth.  I had forgotten about this but evidently God did not.

Options: 1. CanIL, 2. Perth, 3. Bible School, 4. South Asia, 5. somewhere else, 6. SIL, 7. MTW, 8. Literacy

One thought on “Cleaning Out My Notebook

  1. Joy sounds like you keep notes like I do…I just have not kept them all in one place..I have a lot of notes from many years..wish I had kept them all together..It is so neat to go back the years and see what you were thinking or doing…….LIFE

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