From PNG to Australia without Leaving California

Today I am not so worried about being in three places at once.  It actually feels pretty good.  I can remember PNG and look forward to Australia all from the comfort of my place in sunny California.  I know that at some point it will be challenging again and I will feel like I did when I wrote this post about living in three places but until then I will enjoy this moment of relative peace.

Quint postcard

Papua New Guinea is still present.  I am praying for Jeffery, his family and the work that his happening out in the village right now with the translation of Luke.  It is also very real because of the sweet quintuplets who currently grace my desktop background.  These little ones were born to Gavin and Carrie Jones.  Gavin is a helicopter pilot and has flown me a couple of times and Carrie did community HIV/AIDS awareness and I used her as a resource while I was working on the Onobasulu HIV/AIDS book.  This family, along with older son Issac, are working towards getting back to Papua New Guinea in order to continue their work.  You can follow them on their blog and keep up with their precious little ones.  And I also just finished the book Sleeping Coconuts by John and Bonnie Nystrom.  This tells the story of the Aitape West team and how they formed an amazing multi-language translation project out of the tragedy of a tsunami that literally wiped out their village and killed a third of the language group.  This is a great book for those who want to see evidence of how God works even in the middle of terrible pain and suffering.  And it also is a very interesting look into the strategy that is going to help make it possible to have the Bible translated into the remaining languages that don’t yet have God’s word.

Now with all of that going on and reminding me of PNG, you would think that it would be hard for me to focus on Australia.  But instead I am super excited about the future.  The more I pray, work on presentations, write newsletters, etc., the more I see God at work.  God is taking my heart and the work I did in PNG and he is going to use it for his glory in Australia.  Tonight I am speaking at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, next week I am speaking to a small group, I have a February newsletter to write and all of these are opportunities for me to share about the possibilities and my vision for work in Australia.  It helps that I am super excited about all of this myself!  Additionally, I am preparing for a week in Atlanta which will be the final step before having a budget and officially being part of the Perth team.  One step closer to Australia.  And there is something about buying plane tickets always brightens my mood.  I’m also excited to see some friends who I only get to visit when passing through Atlanta.

It’s a great thing to be able to remember and look forward at the same time.  Today I am thankful for this ability.

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