Jeffery and His Family

Thank you all who have been praying for Jeffery after my January 23rd post.  Jeffery did see the doctor but did not have surgery.  His collar bone still have a lot of healing left to do.  Please keep praying.


Yesterday I was sorting through pictures and came across some sweet ones of Jeffery and his family.  This is Jeffery excited about the curriculum.  His hands were covered in pig grease at my going away party but that didn’t stop him from showing off all of our hard work.  I should have gotten a picture of him with the pig’s tail in one hand and the book in the other.  Some of them you’ve probably seen  some of these pictures before but might not have realized that these were all Jeffery’s kids.  He also has a new little girl who I have never met.  Famela, Issac, Luda, Segea, Alibia and the new baby.



This is Jeffery’s wife and Segea and Alibia when they gave me a good-bye bilum.  It’s such a sweet gift and Segea was so so proud to give it to me.  I love his little excited face 🙂


Famela is the oldest and until the new baby girl was born, she and Luda were outnumbered by the boys.  They are just all wrapped up together in this picture, being sisters.



Issac is here front and center.  He’s all boy.  Jeffery loves his first born son so very much.  And I can’t help mentioning and yes, that is Sabaeya behind Issac kissing the parrot.



Luda was forced to grow up too fast.  Most Onobasulu kids are.  She is sweet and shy but has a strong streak in her.  I guess you have to be tough to survive in the village.



Sticker-face Segea.  I found it really hard to say no to this boy.  He’s the one who would show up in the morning just to visit.  He’s the one who would sit on the table and let me vent when I came to the village alone, he’s the one who fell asleep in my arms and then cried when the helicopter came to get me.



And last but not least, little Alibia.  He was the baby but not anymore.  I’m sure he’ll just take after Segea and they will become sweet little terrors together.

Please continue to keep Jeffery and his family in your prayers.  The baby is probably with mom and dad in the city but the other kids are all with relatives.  The Onobasulu have a system that makes this fairly easy but it’s still difficult for everyone.  Pray that God would be present and real to them.  That they would all turn to him during this time.


3 thoughts on “Jeffery and His Family

  1. Joy, what had happened to Jeffery? Is he going to be ok? With baby does that make 6kids? You were able to share the lives of many special families.. God bless you all. We hope you and your family are doing well..

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