Perth Through Tim’s Lens

I have been working on an Australia presentation for the past couple of days.  Yesterday I decided that it needed a little something special so I looked through my Australia pictures and 85% of them are from Tim.  Tim graduated last year from college and is preparing to go to Perth for the art internship.  He is an artist, a bread baker and a candlestick maker.  Yup, he even makes candlesticks people.  Tim’s a cool guy.


This is Tim and Shannon and me preparing to go whale watching.  Shannon was terrified, Tim was um, being tough? and I was just along for the ride.  Shannon is also an artist and is on the Perth team.  More about her and her fear of whales later.  So there you have it, that’s Tim and now enjoy some of Perth’s beauty through Tim’s camera lens.












2 thoughts on “Perth Through Tim’s Lens

  1. Very cute story, but WONDERFUL, Beautiful pictures…I would Love to be so talented to take such great pictures..Enjoy hearing from you.. Hope you are doing well as well as your family…

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