Australia Day also known as Invasion Day

On January 26, 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip took possession of the cove that would later become Sydney.  This day has been celebrated for hundreds of years.  Today, many Australians celebrate with barbecues, fireworks, picnics and other community events.  Yesterday I started seeing notes to my Aussie friends on facebook wishing them a happy Australia Day.  This got me wondering how the Aboriginals view this day so I decided to look it up.   Thanks Wikipedia and Creative Spirits for the interesting and enlightening information.


Our Survival Day

Another Australia Day has arrived
Celebrations across our land
Guess they don't think what we've been through
Our ancestors tried to hold our land
Keep us together to protect our clans
Barbecues burning and sweet tasting wine
The white man's celebrating what belongs to us
But we're here in the background
Being proud of who we are
Our red, black and yellow unites us all
Saying we have survived another century
Of white man's invasion

Poem by Raylene Campion

I think this poem is very beautiful and telling of the struggle for the Aboriginal people during the Australia Day celebrations.  This is truly not a celebration for them.  Instead the day is referred to as Invasion Day, The Day of Mourning or even Survival Day.  While the white population have their fun, the Aboriginal people mourn.

Bryan Andy says “There’s a saying that white Australia has a black history. It can sort of be taken in the sense that it has been a dark or unfortunate history, but it’s also true in the sense that we were here first.”

As for me, I look forward to learning more about Australia’s black history and how it is connected to Australia’s future.


One thought on “Australia Day also known as Invasion Day

  1. How very interesting. I have never read or learned any thing about Australia. This should a real learning experience which I know you will really enjoy.

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