Minestrone and Martin Luther King Jr.

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. we took the afternoon and made lovely minestrone soup.  What better way to celebrate than in the kitchen cooking this Italian staple.  This is a recipe that my mom has been making for years and years.  It is from the Sebastiani Family Cookbook.   My dad went to law school with a Sebastiani son whose mom wrote the cookbook.  The son brought in signed cookbooks and gave them to his friends.  My mom has been making the minestrone soup ever since. You can’t go wrong with vegetables, garlic and white wine.  It’s delicious.


One thought on “Minestrone and Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. Wow that looks Great.. Jack and I will have to get the recipe from you guys..bet you are enjoying being home and near your brother and parents and Grandmother.. Enjoy….life goes by soooooooooooo fast and our lives don’t stay the same as we are use to and we lose very special members of our families. We are so glad that you have this very special time with your family and just hope that you and all enjoy each and every one each and every minute of every day..

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