Some Fun Australia Facts

I really should be working on my presentation for Sunday and writing my January newsletter but getting reacquainted with google seemed like a nice diversion.  And justifying it as work, I googled Fun Facts about Australia.  Here are just a few interesting ones that I have compiled for your reading pleasure:

  • Sheep outnumber people in Australia.  There are over 100 million sheep and only 20 million people.
  • Melbourne has the second largest Greek population in the world, after Athens.
  • The Australian Alps, or Snowy Mountains, receive more snow than Switzerland.
  • Australia has the world’s largest population of wild camels with one hump.
  • Apparently the first European settlers in Australia drank more alcohol per person than any other community in the history of mankind.
  • There are 1500 species of Australian Spiders.
  • The first ever car to be mass produced in Australia was the FX Holden (model 48-215). This was produced at Fishermans Bend, Victoria in 1948.

And there are many more where that came from.  Thank you Australia Outback Travel Secrets,  Australian  and Nomadic Matt for these gems.

2 thoughts on “Some Fun Australia Facts

  1. Glad you’ve got the good oil there. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I found in the Australia theme units in Ukarumpa that I had to edit! 🙂

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