A Little Bit of PNG

Each morning I wake up and see “Tupela Pisin marit i Raun long Bush Painim Kaikai” which is the title of this painting “Two married birds go to the bush and search for food”.  It makes me happy to have a bit of PNG in my room.  When I returned last year, I shipped a few paintings and slowly had them all framed.  Most of them had been on my walls while I lived in PNG but I just had them held up by blu-tack.  It’s amazing what a frame does for them and of course these photographs don’t do them justice.  They are beautiful.  I have another couple of bird paintings and I enjoy getting to still have a little bit of my Ukarumpa home in California.


I also have a little bit of my Walagu home in the form of a pastel portrait done by one of my fellow co-worker, Liz.  I didn’t know Liz at the time she drew Elisabeti, I don’t think I was even in PNG yet.  However, little Elisabeti holding her pig is very special to me.  Liz passed it along when she left PNG and I had it up on my wall.  I knew Elisabeti as a sweet, smart and kind child but that was all.  However, near the end of my time in PNG, Elisabeti’s mother had another baby girl and she named her Joy.  Elisabeti is the older sister of my nesaiyo (namesake).  So without knowing it, Liz drew this beautiful picture which is a sweet memory of my PNG family.


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