Weather Report from Seattle / Remembering Walagu

It’s raining.  Ok, so no surprise there.  The whole family is gathering for Thanksgiving and while most people are driving, I got the privileged of flying up with my Grandma.  Although, due to fog in San Francisco, some people driving beat us to Seattle.  But we made it safe and sound.  I am looking forward to a Thanksgiving in America.  Last year on Thanksgiving, the table looked like this:

You can’t really tell but the whole table was filled and we used every saucepan in the kitchen.  That’s a big deal, since in the village we normally try to keep it to one, maybe two.  But for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner, we did really well.  It was impromptu because two of us were planning on leaving the village a day earlier and more food and a consultant was coming in to stay with Beverly.  But I think canned ham and village greens are good additions to Thanksgiving.  It’s about being Thankful right!?


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