Jet-lag and Australia

So I’ve been back from Australia for a couple of days now and have a couple good night sleeps under my belt.  But for whatever reason, tonight is different. Although I am desperately tired, my mind is refusing to sleep.  Therefore, I will use this time wisely to tell you a little story and pass along a movie recommendation at the same time.

So I am not claiming in any way that this is the best movie to illustrate the situation in Australia based on their history but it will definitely give you some ideas.  And it was recommended to me by the Aboriginal family I was staying with out in the country outside of Perth.  Here’s how it happened from the beginning:

I was picked up in the late afternoon and then given a tour of the small town.  The cemetery, the reserve where the mother had lived while she was a child, the streets where the most Nyungah people currently lived, etc.  And just as we were getting to the church, we slowed down to say hi to an uncle who was enjoying the evening on his porch.  Of course we got out to chat with him but by then the young boy from the family was getting hungry.  So I was left to story with Uncle.  I heard all sorts of stories about the first Christians in the area and the families and many other interesting threads of conversation, like sugar consumption in Australia.  Eventually mother and son came back and the conversation continued aided by meat pies and coca cola.  Anyway, after we were all sufficiently talked out and bitten up by mosquitoes, we said our goodbyes and made our way back to the house.  Once we arrived I settled into the boy’s room because he was giving up his bed for me.  But it needed a bit of tidying up (mother’s request, not mine) so I sat on the bed while he showed me all his video games and movies that he enjoyed.  He eventually pulled out Australia and I was told that this would be a good movie for me to see and get some idea of the sense of history and story.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt and it would just add to the picture that was building with other movies like The Rabbit-Proof Fence.  So I took my cup of tea and we all sat on the bed to watch the movie.  Eventually they headed off to sleep in the other room and I was left to finish the movie on my own.  Although it was made to be entertaining, it was also enlightening   The aboriginal people are often compared to the native Americans in the US.  And while the histories both have their commonalities, they are also very different.  So if you are in the mood for an entertaining film with a little Aussie education, then go ahead, set aside a couple of hours and enjoy Australia.

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