Welcome to My Office

When you’re itinerant like me, a nice corner office somewhere or even my own cubicle is a unrecognized dream.  While in America, Starbucks, any other coffeeshop with wifi, a random spot on the floor, the kitchen table, etc. all become my office when I need to work.  I’m not super picky and I do like comfort so my bed also works in a pinch.  Many of these options have the great perk of little to no commute time.

Overseas work usually avails itself to stranger places like the airstrip in Papua New Guinea (not cutting grass of course but checking books during a grass cutting break).  Or the Literacy Office, notice the actual name ‘office’ but i’d like to see any fancy executive get work done on a narrow bench surrounded by geckos and children.  Now i’m not complaining, adequate light, a place to sit and a solid work surface go a long way in making a workspace usable.

The past couple of days, my workspace of choice has been the couch.  It’s comfortable, close to the kitchen and I seem to be pretty productive despite the fact that this couch in particular is known as a great napping couch.  I’m currently working on constituent correspondence which is a fancy name for writing letters to the people who support my work in various ways.  I am choosing to hand write notes this time which takes longer than email but I think it’s worth it.  My left hand might be revolting though because I have a seemingly permanent ink stain on the side of my pinky finger and my writing callouses which had all but disappeared are now resurfacing.  Just another day at the office.

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