Jesus- An Introduction

Look to Him who woos His own.

Look to Him the fulfillment of prophecy,

the blessed sacrifice and true heir to the throne.

Look to Him who was, and is, and is to come.

Look to Him, the one who lives,

truth embodied and hope eternal.

A life foreordained, a death foretold

Ancient words, the Son’s story

A covenant beginning with creation

Truth proclaimed and hope revealed

Look to the true Adam

Eve’s seed, the ultimate victor

The earth shook, the curtain tore,

tombs opened, the serpent’s head crushed

Atonement, righteousness, justice

Look to the prophet greater than Moses

Moses talked with God, He is God

Moses kept the law, He fulfilled the law

Not welcome in His own town yet the great I AM

Bringing truth and grace

Look to the priest from Melchizedek’s line

He who has the power to bless us forever

He who made himself the final sacrifice

The ultimate sin offering

His body, His blood

It is finished

Look to the Servant King who will reign on high forever

David’s glorious successor

Lord of the everlasting Kingdom, the New Jerusalem

Extolled for all eternity

King of Kings

A history for us remembered, the future for Him a reality

Living words, the Son’s glory

A new covenant that He fulfills

Truth proclaimed and hope revealed

Water poured out as a flood

Crossing through the parted sea

Washing, healing, cleaning, restoring

John knew him, Lamb of God

The dove descends and His arms open wide

“Let all who seek come to me”

A meal of deliverance

Salvation manifested in bread and wine

Remembering those passed over and the one sacrificed

Communion with the saints

Instituted with a prayer and arms open wide

“This is my body, come and eat”

Abraham’s sacrifice, the son spared, the bull’s blood shed

Eternal sacrifice, the Son condemned, His own blood shed

Flanked by sinners but ever merciful

Hung upon the cross with His arms open wide

“Look at me”

The tomb empty, stone rolled away,

death overcome, the body resurrected

Enoch and Noah walked with God

and now the Son appears on the road

His scarred arms open wide

“Believe and follow me”

“For this is the will of my father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life.” John 6:40

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