In Loving Memory of Grandpa Candee

Two weeks ago my Grandpa died peacefully in his sleep.  While he may no longer be around to play his harmonica, build beds for my dolls, tease all the grandkids, whistle, grow his beautiful roses, cook amazing breakfasts and do all the other things grandpas do, I will hold onto my many happy memories from my childhood with Grandpa.

Grandpa was strong.  He could lift me up when I couldn’t see.  My brother and I always enjoyed visiting the grandparents in San Francisco where they would take us to the zoo, to see the golden gate bridge, to parks and to many other fun places.  We also enjoyed taking trips up to the cabin in Lake Tahoe, driving through Yellowstone and visiting family in Montana.

Grandpa was generous.  You could always count on getting a dollar or two from Grandpa.  He loved giving gifts.  This letter I received while I was at summer camp and it’s the only letter I remember ever getting from him that he wrote himself.  Grandma always wrote something too but this one was just from Grandpa.  He cut out all sorts of little pictures and behind each picture was a quarter or a dime or penny for me to find.  Even though those pennies have long been spent, I kept this letter all these years because it was something special just from Grandpa.

Grandpa was funny.  He always wanted to make the grandkids laugh.  Ok so maybe in this picture Quinn didn’t think he was too funny but you could always count on Grandpa for a joke.  Sometimes the jokes weren’t funny and sometimes his humor was exasperating but that’s a typical Candee man trait.  I guess that’s why I still laugh at things that aren’t funny.

Thanks Grandpa for leaving us with such happy memories of your life with us.





One thought on “In Loving Memory of Grandpa Candee

  1. What a very special grandpa. Such wonderful, happy memories. He will be truly missed. I love hearing from you Joy. Hope your family is doing well. Mary Anne Huth

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