Goodbye Chicago!

It’s been 10 days of blissful fun in the sun, humid and sticky fun but fun nonetheless.  Thank you Jenny and Joel for the couch, the great meals, the conversations, the tours of the city, sharing friends, sharing experiences and generally being awesome.

This week has been just as packed with city events.  I’ve been to the Zoo in Lincoln Park with another friend who just happened to be in the city.  Jenny and I went for lots of walks, trying to make the most of the cooler (read: not over 100 degrees) weather.  And Jenny, Joel and I continued to eat well.  Enjoying things like hotdogs from Hot Doug’s and pizza and beer from Piece.  You can eat well and not feel guilty when you work it off with lots of fun activities.

My favorite Chicago activity has to be kayaking on the Chicago River.  While there are lots of places to rent kayaks on the river, my shout out goes to Wateriders.  They are located just out of the middle of downtown so you get a workout without being too far from the great views on the river.  You are right beside buildings like the Trump Tower, Chicago Sun Times Building, The Opera House and the old Montgomery Ward building, just to name a few.  It’s such a different view being below these huge, beautiful buildings.  We were on the river for an hour and a half and went through the whole city.  And even though the day was hot, it seemed cooler on the water and we could rest under the bridges in the shade too.  At the end of our time we got pens to take home and a 20% off coupon to a nearby restaurant.  Those didn’t make the trip, they were just extra perks.  I would definitely go kayaking here again!


And you can’t be in Chicago without experiencing Chicago deep dish pizza.  We ate the Lou’s for lunch from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.  And if that wasn’t enough food we added yummy fried zucchini.  It’s zucchini so it’s healthy, right?  Very filling and very delicious.

The grand finale last night was a typical Chicago experience with a free concert in Millennium Park put on by the Grant Park Music Festival.  It was a beautiful classical concert and the atmosphere was very nice.  Everyone just out on the lawn, with their picnics, enjoying the cooler evening.  A great final night in Chicago.  Goodbye for now Jenny and Joel.  Goodbye for now Chicago.



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