Update From Papua New Guinea

This week a few things have come into my email box regarding Papua New Guinea.  Of course PNG and the Onobasulu are still near and dear to my heart so it’s fun to be able to stay at least a little connected even though I am far away now.  The pictures are from a couple that have been working out in the Islands named Peter and Birgitta.  Birgitta lived with the Onobasulu when the work was just getting started and it’s wonderful for me to see what direction God has taken her since then.  The pictures are from Port Moresby and the surrounding area.  I never lived in Port Moresby and was rarely ever there for longer then a night just passing through, but it is the capital of PNG and can give you a nice visual of the beautiful country.

I have also received news via one of our Ukarumpa support teams who was finally able to contact the village after some bumps in the road due to the lightning strike that took place a few months ago.  They write, “Report:  The 4 co-translators, Wabele, Jack, Yobe and Joseph, got as far as John 13 at the end of last week and are taking a week’s break to do other things.  Wabele went to the bush and left the phone with Jeffrey.  Jeff and Hauwo are supervising TPPS and Elementary, which are going well.  The 5 Onobasulu who took Elementary teacher training part 2 in May are back home.  I guess it went well — the cliff-hangar for them is that they went, and since I had not figured out the cell phone to use to talk to them (it was still on Beverly’s table) they couldn’t let me know it was time to make the funds transfer for the course.  So they all prayed and the literacy radio started working and Hauwo told me what they needed at 10 AM on Friday, so I got the Finance office to do it that day, and the 5 got to stay at the course because they were paid for.  After that, the radio never worked. 

Jeffrey and wife have a new baby girl, born a couple of weeks ago, I gather.  The only SIL flight going West on the schedule is 25 July, to Mendi.  But maybe Andy Grosh will get something going.  He has a radio and 35 copies of Onobasulu Epistles, probably to fly to Bosavi with him.  Jeffrey said they had not cut the airstrip yet, but would do so some time.”
Reading this update is encouraging.  All of the school and literacy work seems to be going well and although I know that it’s not easy for Jeffery and Hauwo, they seem to be persevering and that’s an accomplishment in itself.  And I love how the radio only worked when needed.  God gives us what we need.  I wish I had a picture of the newest little one from Jeffery and Famelanae but for all of you people who have seen pictures of their other kiddos like Segea, Luda and Alibia (the first picture here) then you probably have a good idea of what this sweetie looks like.  Please continue to pray for Papua New Guinea and the Onobasulu!

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