Oh the places you’ll go. Part 3.

Toilets can also be fun and interesting in America.  This past weekend at Pismo we used the ever classic blue porta-potty.  Some people might find these hard to use and disgusting but I have to say that traveling and/or living in a third world country helps to change your perspective on things like public toilets.  These were cleaned every day, toilet paper replaced and in general (judging by the state of the floor) people were very respectful and had good aim.  The only thing I really missed was a sink to wash my hands but that’s what anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is for.

Contrast the porta-potty picture with this bathroom shot from the Madonna Inn outside of San Luis Obispo.  The perspective on this picture makes me laugh because i’m not really holding the stall door but look at that cushioning, the wallpaper and the chandelier in the bathroom.  This is ridiculous but amazing.  If you ever are driving by the Madonna Inn, it is worth taking a walk through even if you don’t have time to have a meal or to spend the night or to enjoy the Saturday night swing dancing.  But for us, in all of our camping, smokey, sandy glory, we stopped just for a look-see.  I had to use the bathroom just to have an extra excuse to wash my hands using the nice warm water and soap.  It’s the little things in life that make it so enjoyable.

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