Yeah, Pismo!

Camping at Pismo Beach with friends was pretty awesome.  We endured sand showers and lack of other showers in order to enjoyed a bit of Jeep off-roading on the sand dunes, campfire cooking, late night jam sessions, long walks on the beach, trips into town to relieve our windblown faces, great community and all sorts of other fun!

I haven’t been camping american style in years so this was a great treat.  The picture below was taken from Pismo Pier and you can see the sandy dunes way in the background.  The weather was great except the afternoons which were super, ridiculously windy.  We all definitely came home with enough sand to make our own commemorative sand art.  Gotta love the beach, friends and California!

2 thoughts on “Yeah, Pismo!

  1. Ahhh…. One of my favorite places… I’m so jealous that you got to be at my home (well, Arroyo Grande technically)! =)

    • I pass through Arroyo Grande all the time on my way back and forth to Santa Barbara. I will greet the freeway exits for you next time I go through. Pismo was a lovely break. Such an amazing place!

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