A Day in Budapest

It was a blustery beautiful day in Budapest.  People were out enjoying the sunshine that was playing hide and seek behind the fast moving clouds.  Since my train was late coming into the city, I got to meet my friend’s neighbor who was kind enough to let me use her phone and leave my luggage as I arranged to get the house keys in the city center.

My friend’s housemate and I met on the steps of the St. Stephen’s Basilica and I was given house keys and turned loose on the city.  I spent the next few hours enjoying the beautiful architecture, bridges and buildings all throughout the city.  And when I got hungry I ate a yummy lunch of hole in the wall Chinese food.  It’s always interesting to have ethnic food in different places, Indian in Slovakia, Chinese in Hungary, etc.

Then I had the brilliant idea of asking the tourist info booth to help me order a taxi for to go to the airport.  It worked and the taxi was outside waiting for me at 4:30 this morning.  After ordering the taxi, I tried using my handful of Hungarian coins to make a phone call to another friend of a friend.  It took about 600 forint (over $2) and a few different calls but we finally made plans to meet.  The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying small cafes and drinking a beer while sitting by the Danube river.  A lovely day in a lovely city.

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