No More Fat Ankles

So guess what’s my favorite souvenir?

Yes, that’s right.  Medical Compression Stockings.  After a few days in South Asia, although the swelling had gone down tremendously, I still had puffy feet.  So I was determined to find a solution because a whole month of fat ankles wasn’t super appealing to me.  Leave it to South Asia to have a medical supply store just down the road.  I walked in, we measured my legs, determined I was a medium, I paid for them and that was it.  I figured that even if they kept the swelling down some then it was worth it.  The first test was about 5 hours into the flight, I had been sleeping and I got up to walk around and my feet still fit in my shoes!  And at the end of my flight everything was still pretty normal.  They may not be the most fashionable thing but I will take flesh colored stockings over swollen ankles any day.

Look at that!  I am safe and sound in Germany and you can still see my ankle shape even after 2 plane rides.  Don’t worry, I had my long jeans on so you couldn’t really even tell that I was wearing them.  At 27 I don’t quite want to rock the geriatric chic look yet.  But I will happily admit that these are definitely my new favorite travel accessory.

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