Traveling Makes My Ankles Fat

So here is some information I am sure you all wanted to know.  Despite standing up and walking around, despite self inflicted foot massages, despite lots of foot exercises and changing positions numerous times during the flight, I still have swollen ankles.  It is pretty typical that after international travel my feet end up looking like over stuffed sausages and don’t feel so great either.  This picture was taken after walking and taking a shower so they don’t look quite as swollen as they did once I got off the flight tonight.  I love that my ankles have no definition.

But swollen ankles and all, I made it safely to Berlin.  I have showered, eaten a pizza dinner and visited with three of my six German siblings.  Julia, Florian and Damian are all currently living in Berlin so it is a bit like coming home.  Florian met me at the airport and since I haven’t been in Berlin for many years, I was surprised at how familiar the stations and public transport still seemed as we made our way across the city to their apartment.  I am already looking forward to my week in Berlin.  It is definitely a fun city to explore.  But first things first, off to South Asia.  I am all checked in, I just have to drop off my bag and get to the gate before 9 in the morning.  Thanks everyone for your prayers, if swollen ankles are my biggest problem, then I think I am doing well.

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