Why did you need a Visa?

Literacy is needed in many places all over the world.  In deciding where I am going to work next, I can’t just look at needs.  Finding the right place is more about having all the various aspects of life and work come together.  My job doesn’t just involve the 9 to 5 work hours but instead it is a life, lifestyle, new culture and language that I am committing to.  The team I am working with, the people I will be serving, the place, the work, it all needs to fit together.

Most job searches involve putting in an application and going through an interview process.  Then the boss chooses if you are right for the job.  There is an aspect of this involved for me because a team leader could tell me that i’m not the right fit, however, there is also a role reversal here.  I am in many ways conducting my own interview of the place and the people.  Three places have made it through first interviews and second interviews require travel.  During my trip in May I will be a tourist for a week in South Asia, Germany and Slovakia.  Traveling to these three places will give me a chance to put my feet on the ground, meet people, pray and get a feeling for each of the places individually.

This is just another part of my year in transition.  Figuring out how to live in America again, getting over culture shock, enjoying time with friends and family all the while praying and looking towards the future.  This trip is exciting and stressful.  Maybe I will return in June with a decision made or maybe not.  Only time and travel will tell.

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