A Different Kind of Meal

Question:  Why is this night different from all other night?  On other nights we may eat leavened or unleavened bread but on this night we eat only unleavened bread.  On other nights we eat all types of hers, but on this night we eat only bitter herbs.  On other nights we do not dip even once.  On this night we dip twice.  On other nights we eat sitting up or reclining but on this night we recline.

Answer: We were slaves in Egypt under Pharaoh, and our everlasting God brought us out with the strength and might of His hand.  If God had not brought us out, we would still be slaves in Egypt today.  Had He not brought us forth, the preparation for our redemption in our Messiah would not have taken place.  In the fullness of time He came, a son of Jacob, and in Him we have our redemption.  It is a story of God’s love and justice and care for all who are poor.  The Matzah reminds us of the haste in which our ancestors left Egypt, for the dough had not time to ruse.  The Maror reminds us of the bitterness of the bondage of slavery.  We recall our slavery to sin as well, before the salvation procured by our Messiah.  We also dip twice as a sign of first replacing our tears with joy and secondly to season the taste of bitterness.  Reclining is a symbol of the free man who can eat in leisure.  So this pillow reminds us of our freedom, for in trusting God we are secure.

Oh Lord our God, we invite the spirit of Elijah tonight, in anticipation of the return of our Lord Yeshua Our Messiah.  We pray for justice and goodness to come upon the earth.  We pray that all men may come to love You and to know the blessings of the freedom You have offered and the greater freedom and salvation that shall be manifested at Your return.  We ask these things in the name of our Messiah.  Amen.



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