Cruise Control could save us all and other thoughts about California Freeways.

When I am on a highway, I use cruise control because it is one less thing to think about.  I know what speed I am going, it helps with fuel economy and I can focus on the road while singing along to the country songs playing on the radio.  If I come to a slower section of the road, I just reset it, if the speed limit increases, that’s an easy adjustment too.  This seems to be a pretty straightforward concept, I even understand it and I haven’t really driven in three years.  But there are lots of people who don’t seem to grasp the simplicity of this.  I am not talking about around town or in rush hour.  I am talking about the long wide open stretches like on the 5 or the 101.  Cruise control could save people a lot of grief.  While on the 101 yesterday two cars in particular would race up behind me when I was passing a truck or slower traffic on the left and then once I moved over would zoom by, just to slow down once again 50 yards ahead.  This doesn’t help anyone.  And I saw it happen many times ahead of me where someone would move aside for a ‘faster’ car to go by only to get boxed in because that car then slowed down.  Cruise control can’t save the world but it could save people a little frustration and of course fuel the improved fuel economy should appeal to everyone.

With use of the cruise control people would also be encouraged to move over for faster cars.  I am happy to get over and let someone zoom by me but I am less happy to get boxed in because that person decided they didn’t really want to pass.  Keeping right is another simple concept that can save us all some frustration.  But if you are going to pass on the left, please actually pass.

While I am already on this roadway rant, please put down your cell phones.  With all the amazing advances in technology I am very surprised to see so many people talking on their cell phones or obviously texting while driving.  Get a smart phone, get a hands free device, hand your phone to the person sitting in the passenger seat, pull over and finish your conversation.  There are lots of options here people.  And if you are going to insist on using your phone while driving, at least turn on your cruise control, then maybe your fluctuating speed won’t give you away.


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