Lightning Strike in Walagu

Email is a wonderful thing.  It keeps us connected over very long distances, allows for us to know the good and bad in almost an instant.  Although I am in California, I still remain connected with the Onobasulu and Beverly who is currently in Walagu.  This morning I received an email from a couple in PNG who oversea the work that happens in the southwest region.  They informed me that the house in Walagu had been stuck by lightning.  Here is a picture of the house (taken a couple years ago with cute kids playing in the front yard), notice the wires in front.  Those are the radio and HF email antennas.

Here is an excerpt from the email I received: “Yesterday (Monday) afternoon, Beverly’s village house was struck by lightning, perhaps primarily the radio antenna.  Beverly was in the house at the time.  She was fine, just a bit shaken up as you would expect.  Praise God that she was unharmed, and that it didn’t start a fire – often the case in lightning strikes…

Unfortunately, the lightning took out most of her equipment. We think her computer is  ok, or she would have said so. The hf antenna is history, the radio, the regulator and some of the lights are not working. She has borrowed the old regulator from the Literacy office, and now the water pump is working again…”

Please pray for Beverly and for my heart too.  This is a super stressful situation for many reasons and I am having a hard time being here and not being there to help.  Although at this point, we all know I am not a gifted electrician so I couldn’t do much there but pray anyway.  I am thankful that there are people in PNG who care and are there to help Beverly through this.  Hopefully people can rally to replace things and help get the Onobasulu translation project up and running again.

2 thoughts on “Lightning Strike in Walagu

  1. Thanks for letting us know Joy. Will definately be praying. Especially with all that time, and expense! of those new batteries (which never got working in the end?..) and setting up HF etc. Will be a tough frustrating time for Beverly at the moment.

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