Concrete, Asphalt, Cement and other Undesirable Walking Surfaces

I am over my jetlag, my skin is slowly adjusting to the dryness thanks to copious amounts of lotion, my stomach hasn’t has too many issues with water and food but my knees and hips are not too happy.  Even though I am now wearing amazingly padded tennis shoes for my walks, I can feel every step putting pressure on my joints that are not use to such abuse.

Sidewalks are amazingly wonderful for many reasons, however they are not made with any give.  They make walking easy and safe but at the same time force your joints to bear extra weight with every step.  Maybe you have never noticed this but I can feel the difference.  After three years in Papua New Guinea, my joints are use to long walks but with a tree log being the most firm walking surface.  Clay, dirt and grass all have an amazing amount of give and bounce.  Without shoes to pad my feet, I was not worried about my joints, I was more worried about being impaled by a stray thorn or stick.

So now that I am back in California, I will wear my shoes proudly and when I can I will seek out dirt trails and more joint friendly walking paths.  I will also use this excuse not to take up running.  And when I can’t find dirt to walk on, I will look at my walks as an opportunity to continue to train my joints to handle the harsh American surfaces once again.

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