US customs, trends and other cultural observations from a westerner’s third world perspective.

Since arriving back in the US, I have been observing my surroundings that I would claim as my predominant culture through different eyes.  There are many many things that I love about America (California in particular) and I think each time I go abroad I come back with a new appreciation for this country.  However, I also come back carrying my experiences and a new viewpoint.

So I don’t know how far this will take me but I hope to share with you some of these observations and my experiences.  The point is not to criticize or complain.  The idea is not to make anyone feel bad about their own particular culture.  Instead I want to simply share what goes through my head when I see grassfed beef on a menu or hear about a new shoe trend to help us get back to our barefoot roots.  This is not about absolutes.  The world is a very big place and I want to continue to share my little part with you.  Keep in mind, it’s not right or wrong, just different.

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