A Coup in PNG

Politics in PNG is always interesting.  When I left PNG there were two men claiming to be Prime Minister and I understand that the issue is still being disputed.  The first is Sir Michael Somare (pictured right) who has been Prime Minister on and off since PNG’s independence in 1975.  The second is Peter O’Neill (pictured left) who was chosen Prime Minister while Sir Michael was having health issues and was out of the country.

And then once I was already back in the US there was an attempted military coup.  I first heard about the coup from my aunt who told me that my uncle had heard about it on NPR that morning.  Although political instability is never good for any country, I personally am not worried about PNG.  My hope is that my friends in PNG are still able to function through the uncertainties.  The details are not really clear in any of the news articles but that seems pretty typical PNG.  Here are just a couple of articles:  News from directly after the coup., The current aftermath. It’s the land of the unexpected for a reason.

2 thoughts on “A Coup in PNG

  1. Thanks for all of your updates, Joy. We will be praying for the people in PNG and for a quick resolution. It was so great to see you Sunday, and look forward to more visits.
    Blessings, Roger & Mary Rigney

  2. Joy- someone is sending out emails on your gmail account this afternoon asking for money to be sent to Scottland. I have alerted your parents and I have sent some emails back to the hackers telling them I would send some money for you but, I knew that it wasn’t you just find out what they might say back. You might want to send out an email immediately about it. Good luck, Lisa Carlson- Friend of your Moms.!!

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