In Loving Memory of my Cousin Megan

Megan, you were a special part of our family.  From summer weeks spent fishing, hiking and camping in the mountains to family holidays at Mimi’s with petticoats, card playing and fun, you were just one of the girls.  I will cherish our times together as happy memories.  Thank you for being part of my life.

I spent today at the memorial service for my cousin.  While this was not the family reunion I wanted to have, I was very thankful that I could be there and support my family.  It is difficult to be around for events like this but it would have been harder to be away.

Megan was an amazing, motivated runner.  I will never be a runner like Megan but at the very least in spirit, we all can run for Megan.

2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of my Cousin Megan

  1. So very sorry for the loss of your cousin Joy! She does look about the same age as you! Just a young thing! I know you said a cousin, how is she related? Mom’s side? Dad’s side? So very young! She will be in our prayers. What was the cause of her death? So very, very young! Prayers to you and all of your families!

    • Thanks Mary Anne. She actually died about three years ago now. Megan was a cousin on my mother’s side by marriage but we grew up together. She was an avid runner and was hit by a car when she was out in the fog. It was very sad and difficult for the whole family. We still miss her, especially at large family get togethers when she would have been with us.

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