West Yorkshire

This past week has been an amazing Yorkshire tour.  Leeds is a lovely city and the surrounding area is beautiful country.  It seems strange that just a week ago I was arriving and now it seems almost normal to be relaxing in a living room in Beeston.  I am all packed and tomorrow I head out again and this time I will be flying to the US. Atlanta, Georgia is my next destination.  It has been over a year since I was last in the US.  But first a little more travel, please enjoy some more pictures of Leeds and other West Yorkshire delights.

Kirkstall Abbey

Trying out the stone coffins.

There is one for everyone.

The river Aire on a beautiful sunny day.

A cream tea.  Yorkshire tea with milk, scone, jam, cream.  Yummy!

Dinner with new friends.

British toad in a hole.  Not egg in toast.  Sausage in fluffy pastry yummyness. Way better!

Malham Cove

Me on top of the cliff with the amazing limestone pavement.  A scene from HarryPotter was filmed up here.

Once again, beautiful weather with lots of sun.  Lovely.

But still very cold.  Cold enough for icicles!

But that didn’t make the waterfalls any less pretty coming from the natural rock formations.

An amazing Yorkshire view.

Goodbye from Yorkshire.

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