A Visit to York

My last visit to England was about 8 years ago now.  I visited London and Oxford and had a great time with two of my German siblings.  One was attending Oxford at the time and the other traveled with me.   Now I am seeing another part of the country.  It is wonderful to spend time with Helen but since she is working, I took myself to York.  I could have easily spent another couple of days getting to know the city and exploring all the little side streets and shops.  I did not make it to Bettys tea shop but I do have a whole tin of Yorkshire Tea to bring back to the US thanks to Helen.  Tea is obviously very important here.  And since I enjoy a warm cup of tea every now and then, I did have a cup of tea in the afternoon while in York but other then that, I spent the whole day walking around, enjoying the city and the uncharacteristic but beautiful English sunshine.  Here are a few pictures of York!

York is now much bigger than its walled in city but the old city has plenty to see.  It was fun to walk along the wall and to orient myself and see the mix of old and new.

For lunch I had a pasty. I went for an nontraditional chicken and vegetable stuffed one but it was still very yummy.  It was also warm and hearty, perfect for a cold day.

I came across the minster because I heard the bells first. Of course you can see the tops from almost anywhere in the city but the bells were ringing, playing all sorts of different church songs.  It was beautiful to admire such an amazing building with a the perfect soundtrack.

I took a tour of the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall.  It was amazing to see the wooden beams and paintings that lined the walls.  The craftsmanship that went into this building was quite remarkable.  All of the beams are held together by wooden pegs.

This was a stained glass window from one of the other rooms.

The view from the gardens over the river.  The day was once again beautiful. I am sure England will return to its cold and rainy winters soon enough but I am so thankful to have my days here in the sunshine.


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