A Day with the Sturm Siblings

For Christmas I received the gift of a day on the Bodensee with some of my German siblings.  It was very fun.  Basically we just followed the ‘gutschein’ (gift certificate) that looked like a clock.  So first thing was a nice German breakfast.  Good fresh baked bread and chocolate chip yogurt in the morning is hard to beat.

And then we drove to a nice indoor swimming pool and wellness center.  There is a nice water slide, hot tubs, an outdoor pool, sauna and other amenities that we got to enjoy.  A warm swimming pool on a cold day is perfect.

Then we headed for a nice park on the Bodensee.  It was foggy and crisp but still very beautiful.

Finally we made ourselves comfortable on a bench and ate a great picnic that mom prepared for all of us.  It was complete with warm punch to keep away the cold.  There was also cider wurst, cheese, bread, eggs, chocolate, cookies, veggies and fruit.  Everything was delicious.

And then we ended the day warm inside at the movies.  We saw Sherlock Holmes 2 and drank out of a huge cola and ate popcorn, chocolate and gummi bears.

A great day with my siblings in spirit!



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