In honor of my emails working again and the weather starting to be a bit happier, I’m sending you all another picture. Yesterday I walked over to the literacy office to get some things and when I came back a large beautiful pineapple was waiting for me on my porch.

My neighbor had picked it from their garden just next to their house and oddly enough my first thought was, “How much would a pineapple like this cost in California?” If I bought a pineapple this size it wouldn’t be nearly as fresh and most likely imported from Hawaii it would probably taste good but not the same as a pineapple grown and picked right here in Walagu. Anyway I have no idea how much people pay for fruit anymore but I definitely know that pineapples like that aren’t just given as ‘just because you are my neighbor’ gifts. So I thanked my neighbor graciously and then set out to take a picture that highlighted this beautiful pineapple’s size.

Yesterday after receiving the other pineapple I realized that I had quite the little colony of pineapples in my kitchen. All nice little one-person-sized pineapples. Usually I just cut up one or two pineapples throughout the day, enjoy a slice or two myself and feed the rest to all my little friends. But since I haven’t been feeling well, the pineapples have just seemingly multiplied themselves on the kitchen counter. So I just handed a pineapple each to Segea and Benny who were here with their dads. They both took the fruit and held it under their arm like a football. I don’t know too many American kids who would be as thrilled just being handed a pineapple but I was happy enough to share. They both left the house grinning with their treasure.

And last but not least a random pineapple fact. Did you know that the word for pineapple is the same in German, Italian and Tok Pisin? It’s ananas.

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