From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur

Ok so the point of the retreat was a nice relaxing, spiritually rejuvenating time at a resort in southern Malaysia.  However, I jumped at the chance to see a little more by going with friends up to Kuala Lumpur (KL).  It was a short three hour drive on beautifully smooth roads.  We shared the roads with lots of motorcycle/scooter drivers and the occasional downpour made the roads slick and wet.  The ride itself was relatively uneventful but the lively conversation inside the car made for a very quick trip.

The landscape was beautiful and different.  This was my first time in Asia so I just soaked it all up.  You can see just the tops of the oil palms in this picture.  They looked very similar to the ones in PNG except some sort of vine was growing on the trunks, making them appear fluffy from our car windows.

We drove through the city of KL and right past the Patronas Towers which were the tallest twin tower building until somewhere in Dubai passed them up.  As I was taking a picture of the towers, a beautiful little girl in the car next us took a picture of me with her phone.  I love the diversity of the city, you never knew what type of face you would see looking at other cars driving by.

The view from our friend’s apartment was also quite amazing.  The hazy city in the morning was beautiful to wake up to and it was dizzying to think that we were up on the 18th floor.  I tried looking down but then decided that looking out was a better choice.

Here’s the city in cartoon form with some of the skyline highlights labeled.  I can say that the weekend in KL was definitely a trip highlight.

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