A Little Taste of Malaysia

Cultural diversity leads to amazing culinary diversity.  My taste buds traveled from east to west and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I definitely agree that once you try it you never forget it.

I got a little taste of Malaysia for breakfast.  Nasi Lemak is spicy and delicious.  Rice, hardboiled egg, cucumber, peanuts, sambal (a spicy chili sauce) and crispy fried anchovies that I ignored.  Not an American breakfast but great with coffee sweetened with a little condensed milk.  Yum.

A little bubble tea for a snack.  Strawberry, chocolate, rose.  Yum.

Lunch brought us to Chinese Malaysian restaurant.  I was told to not ask questions and just stir.  This picture was pre-stir.  You can’t really go wrong with a bowl full of tasty noodles with a little spice.  Once again I avoided the crispy anchovies but it was well worth it.  Yum.

A tart lime juice with a salty plum at the bottom was the perfect drink.  Yum.

Dinner took us to a Pakistani restaurant.  The food was so good I had already eaten most of it before I took a picture.  Every sauce, the garlic bread and rice was amazing.  We left full and very happy. Yum.

We drank sweet lassi and mango lassi.  Sweet lassi is basically sugar and yogurt.  Can’t go wrong with sugar.  Yum.

Other meal highlights included buffets at the resort with a little bit of everything and amazing potato skills (from mashed to fried, they were all delicious).  The Mexican was also amazing and the other American food including Pizza Hut tasted very good.  We had TGIF for lunch too.  Something about a big burger in Malaysia, it tasted fabulous.  Yum.

My favorite drink had to be the White Coffee.  Even better than sugar…butter.  White coffee is coffee roasted in butter.  May not sound appetizing at first but I assure you it was delicious.  Yum.

My final  meal was at the airport.  I enjoyed my Chai tea latte and glazed donut as I read my book and waited for my flight.  A great end to my culinary travels.  Ok one last…yum!

One thought on “A Little Taste of Malaysia

  1. mm, you’ve really got to try the anchovies sometime–turns out they’re one of the elements of Korean food I was surprised to find most tasty!

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