The Onobasulu Elementary Curriculum

After spending most of August and all of September inputting data, formatting, organizing and revising, the Onobasulu Elementary Curriculum is finished.  This curriculum started with about 100 different theme webs made by the Onobasulu Elementary teachers.  These theme webs built a great foundation and made this truly Onobasulu work.

My role was as formatter, standardizer and advisor.  I formatted the theme webs into the Elementary standard Units of Work and added more activities here and there.  The most significant addition was a Religious Education unit that Elementary has as optional.  The teachers wanted this included but needed direction so I provided them with a mix of activities including theme related Bible stories, learning other Bible knowledge skills and a complete Bible overview for Elementary 2.

One of my favorite parts of this project is the Onobasulu teacher’s willingness to share their work.  They realize that they have had lots of help and resources that made this an attainable project for them and so they want to give others the same opportunity.  So with just a few tweaks I was able to get the curriculum to a point that any other language team can pick it up and use it as a foundation for their own schools.  Each team can decided which themes are relevant and use shell books or their own locally authored materials to provide reading material for the language units.

This was a huge project but hopefully the time and effort will pay off as the Onobasulu begin to use the curriculum in their schools and other teams adapt it for their needs as well.

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