Reaching a Milestone / What’s the rush?

Today I reached a major milestone.  It has taken all of August and most of September but I finally have the entire curriculum typed into the computer and ready for just a good read over and some tweaking before printing.  Needless to say one of my jobs this evening is to back up my computer once again.  I’m very excited to start seeing glimmers of the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, this is not the only project I have left to finish.  I still have to finalize and read through the TPPS curriculum.  I still have lots of books to organize and format, although much less then before thanks to all my great formatting helpers here.  And a myriad of other little details like packing and preparing for the village.

It is Wednesday and I now have less than two weeks until I leave for Malaysia.  Just in case you’re wondering what the big rush is, here is my upcoming whirlwind of a schedule:

Monday Oct 10-         Leave for Malaysia for an area retreat

Wednesday Oct 19-    Arrive back in Ukarumpa

Friday Oct 21-            Fly out to Walagu

Thursday Nov 24-       Overnight in Hagen

Friday Nov 25-           Fly to Madang

Wednesday Nov 30-   Fly to Ukarumpa

Monday Dec 12-         Leave Ukarumpa

Wednesday Dec 14-   Arrive in South Asia

Thursday Dec 22-       Arrive in Germany

Sunday January 8-      Arrive in England

Sunday January 15-    Arrive in Atlanta

I did the math and all that travel with layovers, overnights and changing planes represents at least 15 different plane rides and 7 different countries in the next 4 months.

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