The “Coolest Car in Ukarumpa” Contest

There are lots of great vehicles in Ukarumpa so I decided to give the community a chance to submit their cars and let the community decide who owns the “Coolest Car in Ukarumpa”.  But I thought I would also give my blog readers a chance to vote and see what you think.  Ukarumpa is currently voting and so just look over these fine rides and email me or just comment with your favorite ‘car’.  As you will see ‘car’ is a very loose term here.  Voting will only be allowed a short time so vote only once but vote now!

Candy Cane

Candy Cane is awesome because I, Lesley (age 6), and my sister Hattie can drive (steer) on Dad’s lap.  We also car surf!  Car surfing is while someone is driving, we stand up and act like we’re actually surfing…trying not to fall.  See the missing tail light?  See the other dents?  See the non-fancy hubcap?  This van also has a high ceiling, missing rear-view mirrors, and duct-tape upholstery.  My mom thinks that the non-power steering is sure to help “buff” her arm muscles!  Candy Cane…an Ukarumpa treasure since the 1980’s.

Blue “Bomb” HondaOur blue “bomb” Honda not only has rust spots, a crooked bumper, a door that can be opened only from the outside, a piece of Erector set to activate the starter, but where else will you find UIS seat covers and a padlock on the door???  It also knows how to get dressed up for special occasions, like a visit from last year’s seniors!  Is that cool or what???

The Yellow Submarine

The Yellow submarine.  Need we say more?  The epitome of style and comfort.

There is not really a competition here; what other car has an octopus on the side?  Nuff said.

 Limo aka Brenda

This must be the coolest car in Ukarumpa  A two door coupe with sleek lines, beautiful oranges and lemons two tone stripes, It has plush back seat with sheep wool cover for your riding comfort. It also has the guts to get up any hill as long as you get a run up.  Previously known around town as Brenda it has now been up-graded to be called the Limo (short for Limousine).

Attack Tricycle

The  AT800 attack tricycle is the perfect car for the active man on the go.  It’s Powerful 200 CC aircooled engine can carry handyman, tools and materials up and down Ukarumpa hills in any of 5 forward or 5 reverse gears.  Best of all, it can carry up to 4 people for that (rare) night out on the town.

EBC Truck

The Perfect Escape-From-Center Vehicle – reliable and tough enough to handle PNG’s back roads, with plenty of room to take a few dozen friends with you!  As a former EBC mission vehicle, its distinctive brush guard provides anonymity off-center, as children on the roadside yell “EBC! EBC!” as you drive by – well… as anonymous as it gets as being a whiteskin in Papua New Guinea.

 Clean Machine

Mitsubishi Delica:  How cooler can you get than seats that fold down to make a bed, privacy curtains, cool fog lights, lightning pin stripes, and power windows and locks that really work!  Best “luxury” car and cleanest vehicle on centre!

Surveyor’s Pride


Doesn’t do long distances or heat well.

Can never go very fast except downhill.

Susceptible to the elements.


Zero carbon footprint.

Engine needs more tender love and care than most cars.


During the nine years since the Firetruck was decommissioned from a fire department in Japan and imported to PNG, my vehicle’s potential for awesomeness has been firmly established by a community that has used it not only for hauling (hundreds of kilos of cargo including motorbikes) and transportation (up to 21 people or one complete high school Spanish I class), but also for parties (add a band including tuba and lights and, voilá!, a covered mobile bandstand for Christmas carolling), sports (we teed off a croquet game from the roof), gardening (the corrugated tin roof trims trees as it drives by), smuggling (many hidey holes of various sizes are built into the frame of the truck), and inspiration for folk art (as in the sing-along “Mi laik kalap/insait long Pia Truk, mi laik kalap”, a tribute to the coil springs in the back bench seat).  Though it perhaps goes without saying that no vehicle could win Awesomest Vehicle in Ukarumpa without experiencing those local rites of passage of being stuck in a ditch on centre, having been used as Banquet transportation, and having been video-taped, let me assure you that the Firetruck passes on all counts.

That’s all folks…now make your vote count!

12 thoughts on “The “Coolest Car in Ukarumpa” Contest

  1. I was waiting for the firetruck to appear in the lineup. Was not even going to vote if it was not in contention. So… my vote is for the FIRETRUCK!

  2. Firetruck. Amongst its already-mentioned abilities, it delivered my piano to me and gave the community carol music along the way on Christmas Eve!

  3. I vote for the fire truck. Although I really like the Attack Tricycle and Candy Cane. And Surveyor’s Pride wins for most immediate LOL.

  4. It’s a hard choice… having lived next door to both the Limo and the Bomb, and I know they are very cool (and LOUD!). And the Surveyor’s Pride definitely wins as far as creativity goes! I also have to say that I’m sad to see the Singles’ Van didn’t make the list (maybe that’s because it finally died?). But I think my vote has to go to the Firetruck! Great contest idea, Joy 🙂

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