Walagu in Pictures

Little Liz

Making ‘inolo’ (men) out of pipecleaners

Segea and his ‘binisi’ (knife)

Can’t resist that grin

The village ‘odola’ (hornbill)

Cooking ‘nolu’ (sago) in bamboo

Dinner out

 ‘Nolu feleli’ (Sago grubs)

Eating ‘nolu feleli’

Meli getting her coloring fix

Mala swinging high

 Stickers are fun for everyone

Dominic enjoying his ‘bilas’

Setting Sebea’s broken arm

 Taking care of sores

 Sunday Service

 My ‘nesaiyo’(namesake)

 Puzzles with Asiba and Mamili

 4th of July fun with glow in the dark bracelets

They have to learn this skill somehow

Celebrating their accomplishment

Topping up batteries

Setting up the new solar panel

To provide power for the computers

And working with the teachers

Crossing bridges is easy, even the kids can do it

Yes the book is upside down but not the hippopotamus

Delma and the kite

Tree hugging Liz

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