Is there anything a Bible Translator doesn’t do?

Jenny (the discovery student) is getting the full and not always glamorous picture of life in a remote village. We continue to work on our power issues so on any given day, Beverly and I play electrician. I’m learning about bulk and float voltage and all sorts of other things that I never had to deal with before. We can also connect and reconnect batteries with ease and make a happy circle of current in our sleep. All skills that are not taught in linguistics school but they sure come in handy here.

We also have been doing lots of medical work. Since the aid post worker isn’t here, we have been treating Malaria cases, treating burns from a fire, treating a serious ear infection in a small baby, treating sores and one engorged breast (probably some sort of large boil) and last night bandaged a broken arm. We were just coming back from dinner at someone’s house and a boy about 12 or 13 was brought to us with his arm very swollen and visibly broken. He had slipped while playing and slammed his hand hard into a tree. We are not trained to set bones, especially not a compound fracture like this. So we gave him pain medicine and then braced it with a piece of wood, wrapped it and gave instructions to take him to Bosavi in the morning. Bosavi is the nearest staffed aid post. But this morning we realized all the adults from his clan were gone so one of our co-workers walked him to Bosavi. Please pray that they would be able to set the arm and that it would heal well.

Then around the village life continues which also includes various cultural incidences that confuse and worry us. We don’t always know what the proper response is and most of the time our American/Western repose is not the PNG or Onobasulu way. It is a battle to try and separate what things are just cultural but still Biblical and which things are cultural but not Biblical. Every culture has its good and bad. And we get to try and explain these things to Jenny who doesn’t have the benefit of multiple years (or in Beverly’s case almost two decades) of working in PNG.

As Beverly continues the advisor and exegetical check for Luke, I am continuing to organize and sort through the curriculum. After two weeks of not working consistently, I am finally working again. There are still lots of decisions and lots of work ahead but I am now more confident that I could actually get something done. Thank you for your prayers for sun and for the power situation. Please keep praying!

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